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Auberge de Castille, Valletta

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When the Knights of St John built the city of Valletta they constructed an Auberge or inn for each of the langues (languages or nationalities) of the Order.

The Auberge de Castille was the official seat of the knights of the Langue of Castille, León and Portugal – one of the most powerful of the Order.

The original Auberge was built by the renowned Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar, work was started 1570 but due to lack of funds the building was never fully completed. In 1741 with the aid of funds given by Grandmaster Pinto, the Auberge was rebuilt and completed in 1745.  The façade is amongst the most beautiful baroque works in Valletta, Malta’s capital city.

In 1798 the French invaded the islands, the reign of the Knights was over. The Auberge was then used the French Commissioner of National Property.

However French rule was not to last long.  An uprising by the Maltese supported by a British naval blockade of the Grand Harbour forced the French into surrender.

In 1805 British forces started to use the building as their headquarters.

Nowdays the Auberge de Castille is used as the seat of the Prime Minister.

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